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mormonI love words. If I want to know what one means, I consult a dictionary–head in the source. Well, I get my glasses and consult an online dictionary.

….So I scratch my head and feel dissonance and disappointment in my heart when I hear a radio program or read an article in a “wiki” or other peer or seemingly authoritative online piece, that debuncts and defines another without accurately representing them.

Enter “Mormondoctrines.net.” If you’d like to know what Mormons think, what makes them tick, spiritually and doctrinally-speaking, you’ve chosen a venue that can assist. We’re not here to bicker, to contend, to answer questions that your pastor may have handed you to convict Mormons–however well-intentioned. We’re here to deliver the truth on the beautiful platter we received it on ourselves and to hope and pray that the honest in heart seeking it will find it. For God is available to each of us, and His light is available to the degree we desire to commit to follow it.

So, then, as you see, this site is all about Mormon doctrine. Mormon doctrine is synonymous, in one important respect, with “all truth”–all that which will one day be known as the laws that result in joy, success, and eternal life. Inasmuch as Christ is the embodiment of all truth–“I am the way, the truth, and the life,”  Mormon doctrine includes Christ, is nothing without Christ, and is all about Jesus Christ. It is Christian doctrine, Christian faith, in its purest, unadulterated form.

If you’re interest is piqued by what Mormons believe, we’re here to share. And to listen. And to dialogue.  Please send us your sincere thoughts and questions.

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    • Andy,

      Thanks kindly for visiting our site. I’d be happy to share more about our beliefs and introduce you to those who can answer your personal questions at home as well, if you like. I’ll email you with a more detailed response, and look forward to knowing more about your interest in The Church of Jesus Christ and your own spiritual journey to this point. Kindest, Karen

  1. “Mormon Doctrines and the Mormon Church” genuinely causes myself think a little bit
    more. I cherished every individual component of it.

    Thanks a lot ,Meredith

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